External Remote Monitoring Center

Remote triage may be outsourced to an External Remote Monitoring Center, composed of Cardiopulmonary Technicians and Physicians skilled to interpret cardiac implantable electronic devices data.

  1. Decrease delay of current remote transmissions revisions performed by healthcare professionals
  2. Potential increase of patient transmissions
  3. Decrease of in-office follow up visits, events and hospitalizations.


  • Transmissions requiring review – potential reduction up to 90%.
  • Time reduction on remote transmissions revision- an essential aspect to achieve the full benefits of RM for optimal quality of care by enabling fast medical action.
  • Patient compliance ensured – optimal follow-up, especially as patients can get disconnected from the system and may need support to reconnect.
  • Time Staff reduction on follow up visits – potential reduction of around 60% per year
  • Health care professionals may devote more time to treat more patients in need – optimization of patient access to care.
  • Implementation of best practice recommendations for follow-up of patients – standardization of remote follow-up across hospitals.

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